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Up to 312 jobs could go as SDCC Plan predicted to cost Lucan Village €8.1m per annum in lost revenue

The Lucan Village Business and Services Group have commissioned the services of 3 experts to carry out an in-depth analysis of SDCC’s part 8 Development plan for Lucan Village Green and Main St. Their findings are outlined in 3 extensive reports, which are attached to this post.

Some of their key findings are as follows:

Access to Healthcare

  • The proposed parking restrictions would reduce access to health services for a large number of people.

  • The proposed alternate parking spaces not like-for-like replacements for the spaces being removed and their locations are all deeply problematic in terms of accessibility to Main St Clinic.

Economic and Employment

  • The loss in turnover/spend arising from the Part 8 proposals is estimated at €8.1 Million per annum.

  • The corresponding impact on employment is estimated at the loss of up to 312 jobs in the Village, which corresponds to over half (52%) of all 600 jobs in the Village.

Proposals go against SDCC’s own Development Plan

  • According to SDCC Development Plan 2016-2022, the 50 local businesses and the 3 churches located on the Main St. would require circa 320 no car parking spaces. Currently there are only 137 spaces along all of Main Street and SDCC plan would reduce this by a further 30 No spaces

  • The SDCC Development Plan 2016-2022 states that the Council will “take a balanced approach to the provision of car parking with the aim of meeting the needs of businesses and communities”. The proposed Part 8 works do not achieve this balance as the reduction in car parking spaces will put a number of businesses and service providers at risk.

SDCC Parking Surveys Fundamentally Flawed

  • The car parking survey commissioned by SDCC in May 2021 states that there are 37 no. in total parking spaces on Main St. However, there are actually 46 no. spaces consisting of 42 no. legal spaces and 4 no. illegal spaces which are constantly used.

  • The car parking survey commissioned by SDCC in November 2021 states that occupancy rate for Main St is 80%. The correct occupancy rate for this area of the Main St is actually 100%

Appendix A Lucan Parking Report sent 020322 Final
Download PDF • 1.36MB

Appendix B PMCA Report on Lucan Village (030322) Final
Download PDF • 524KB

Final_Part 8 Submission_Lucan_LVBSG_030322BJ
Download PDF • 2.24MB

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