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Thanks for the Support!

Today (5pm) is the deadline for submissions for the Part 8 for Proposed Works at Lucan Village Green and Main Street. If you haven't already made your submission, please do so now!

We would like to sincerely thank all the businesses and health care providers in the village, who came together in a joint effort to object to this plan in its current form. We would also like to thank our many loyal customers, patients, clients, families and friends who supported us every step along the way.

Finally, we just want to state again that the LVBSG does not oppose improvements to Lucan Village. We simply oppose the loss of any parking spaces in the village, without the provision of genuine additional like-for-like alternatives. We believe the village is currently undersupplied with parking spaces and needs more spaces, not fewer. We hope to contribute constructively to any revisions to the current plan, or any new plan that may be drawn up, if given the opportunity to do so.

We will be in touch soon to update you on further developments with the plan.



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