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Our Observations from SDCC Part 8 Development Plan for Lucan Village Green and Main St.

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Up to 11am the number of parking spaces on the village green section of the Main St (i.e from Charlie's Barber all the way down to Bank of Ireland") will be reduced from 34 pay and display to ZERO pay-and-display spaces.

After 11am, the number of pay-and-display spaces will be 13 so a reduction of 21 spaces from the current 34 spaces.

There will be no loading bay whatsoever after 11am, removing another 3 parking spaces for commercial vehicles. This brings number of lost spaces to 24 on this section of the Main St.

The spaces being removed are the most heavily used spaces in the village with a 93% occupancy rate according to SDCC's own parking survey

SDCC's parking survey was carried out in May 2021. It appears to be fundamentally flawed and completely understates the level of parking space occupancy in the village.

A new parking survey was conducted by SDCC in November/December 2021 but the results of this have not been used in the plan..

The proposed 10 additional spaces are all problematic.

x4 on the corner outside AIB seem completely unsafe.

x2 @ Carroll's Pub will just restore lost spaces outside coffeeworks

x4 @ Hale will just restore lost spaces outside Roma chipper.

These lost spaces will be in addition to any spaces lost as part of the one-way traffic trial which is scheduled to take place later in 2022. Drawings published by SDCC in the Lucan Realm Master Plan (distributed Autumn 2021) suggest this could result in the loss of an additional 35-40 spaces from Lucan Main St.

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