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Lucan Planning Council advises residents to reject Development Plan for Village Green and Main St.

Published in Lucan Newsletter Hardcopy 13th February 2022

Lucan Planning Council

1. Feedback re proposed work at Lucan Village and Main St.

The reaction to the news that SDCC plan to radically reduce the number of existing car parking spaces in the Lucan Village Green area from 40 to 13 has been one of shock and anger throughout the community. Added to this is dismay and anger that there was little or no discussion with the local community prior to the preparation of this plan. This is compounded in our view by the fact that the LPC plan to improve traffic flow has already been circulated to local Cllrs.

SDCC plan is short on detail, vague and in our view misleading by dividing the proposed work into part 8 consultation and separately a proposed one-way traffic trial of much of the Main St to apparently accommodate a cycleway. Furthermore, a parking survey carried out during the Covid restrictions in May 2021 when businesses were closed said that 54 car parking spaces in the village can be removed without significant impact on current usage. This is a cause of much outrage locally. In fact, finding a space to park has become more difficult since the restrictions were lifted.

SDCC include existing car parking spaces in the Demesne Park Entrance as part of the proposed spaces to access the village which are too far from the village for elderly and disabled on the one hand, and on the other hand they plan to remove these spaces which are essential to park users and replace with a smaller number on the opposite side of the road beside McDonalds. These and other dubious proposed parking sites in our view

are unlikely to be ever delivered as we believe they would be refused by the SDCC Roads

Department. There is much anger at this apparent deception too.

Unlike many other villages around the country, Lucan is now a thriving and lively village with a variety of shops and services. Removal of car parking spaces could be a disaster resulting in closure of essential services.

LPC is strongly of the opinion that no changes whatsoever should be finalized until a

comprehensive and transparent discussion takes place with the Lucan community. We urge all residents concerned for the future of Lucan to engage by making a submission REJECTING current proposals. Please note you must make it clear you are OBJECTING and these words should be included.

Submissions can be made in writing to Senior Engineer, SDCC, City Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24

Or you can make a submission on SDCC website. Closing date is Thursday, March 3rd 2022

Caitriona McClean

Secretary Lucan Planning Council

Lucan Planning Council Newsletter
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